art project "Thought for river" by Yin Xiuzhen (China)

The artist Yin Xiuzhen, born 1963 in Beijing/China, kindly asked all students, who wished to participate, to bring the following items from their countries:

For the first part of the project ("flowing stories"):

Each should bring stories/ tales... about water and rivers in your country or news, investigations...about water, pollution status and so on.

For the second part of the project ("river above river"):

Each should bring 2 empty containers, typical for your country and/or personal sourrounding. They will be filled with water over here.

brief description of project

The artwork of Yin Xiuzhen always reflects the living environment. As a medium of communication she uses her works to illustrate her and our life in this world. Her ifu-project "Thought for River" stands in a row of projects beginning with "Washing River" in Chendu in 1995 - all of them dealing with thoughts about water shortage and pollution.

"Thoughts of River" was divided in the two project-parts "flowing story" and "river above river". For the first part, students were asked to bring stories, tales, news etc. about water and pollution in their countries. For the second part, they should bring two or more empty containers typical for their country or personal surrounding - to Hannover. Referring to the artistic concept of Yin Xiuzhen, the students and her were put all the elements in a "relationship" to the river "Hardau" near Suderburg. The containers for example were filled with water and installed parallel to the real river. Step by step, the working-process has completed the artwork and stimulate the "Thought for River" - for the students involved and the observers around.


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