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Dates Competency, Content, Point of departure Extra
Week 8

04.09. - 07.09.2000

Week 9

11.09.- 14.09.2000
Competency: Vargas, Tribin, Kriegerowski

Basic condition: curiosity, interest in theoretical and practical approach to photography documenting and causing water pollution;

Optional condition: experience with developing process of black & white photography

2-3 hours common class; independent individual or group exploration

Point of departure:

  • interrelatedness of the photographical process & use of water / pollution of water
  • Discussion of the role of digital visualization and respective aesthetical / environmental implications
  • Student's experience with (artistic and documentary use of) photography & water will be integrated into the working process
Sep 9, 2000

Workshop with the representative from Kodak, department of environment,

Christine Rasch-Pfeiffer
Week 10

18.09. - 21.09.2000

Week 11

25.09. - 28.10.2000

Week 12

02.10. - 05.10.2000
Competency: Yin, Tribin, Kriegerowski

Content: reflection on the living environment, water pollution and shortage by artistic communicative means

Preparation: collection, documentation of stories, tales, news, research etc. about water and rivers in the respective countries of the participants

Common meetings of the group; independent individual or group exploration

Point of departure: globalized influences (economically, culturally, by the media) on our direct living environment

Finding new ways of communicating each student's relation to water among the group and with people from outside

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