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Suderburg - a first impression

Suderburg, a small town with about 5000 inhabitants and an expanse of 130 km2, is placed in the rural vicinity of Uelzen in distance of 100 km to Hamburg. You can reach the big cities Hannover and Hamburg by train in nearly one hour. The municipality, surrounded by woods and green hills, is the home of the Department of Civil Engineering of the University of Applied Sciences of Nordostniedersachsen / Germany. It was founded as "Wiesenbauschule" in 1854 starting with an innovative form of gravity irrigation "Suderburger Rückenbau". Today the whole scope of water resources management and engineering is at home in Suderburg.

The appealing country side with its undamaged nature presents many different possibilities of planning your leisure time, like riding, hiking, swimming and canoeing. The Hardau lake and the Hardau brook have a good water quality and they are popular destinations. Another attraction is Hösseringen, a village 5 km nearby with it's famous museum about the historical and present life in this rural area.


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Venue of the project area water

Venue of project area water was the Fachhochschule Nordostniedersachsen - University of Applied Sciences, in Suderburg / Germany.

The university has seven other departments with various disciplines in the cities of Lüneburg and Buxtehude.

The department at Suderburg offers the following study courses :

  • Civil Engineering - Water resources Management and Cultural Techniques
  • Civil Engineering - Environmental Management
  • Water Resources Management in Tropical and Subtropical Regions (postgraduate, M. Sc.)
  • Waste Management and Material Flow Management (postgraduate, M. Sc., formerly "Waste Management")
  • Applied Computing in Civil Engineering (postgraduate, M. Eng.)

The department has large room facilities and extensive labs for chemistry, water and soil sciences, with modern technical equipment. The huge cafeteria offers several meals for free choice, hot and cold drinks, snacks, cakes, desserts and fruits.



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