Excursion to the region of southern Sachsen-Anhalt


August 28 - September 01, 2000     (five-day excursion)

Sachsen-Anhalt is one of the five new federal states of the former East-Germany (German Democratic Republic). Over the past ten years, since the German reunification the state has undergone a process of extensive change. The ifu students took the opportunity to get to know the region, the people and the culture.

Bauhaus in Dessau

The famous Bauhaus building, designed by Walter Gropius, was constructed in Dessau in 1925/26. The Bauhaus school was to influence architecture, art, technology and design worldwide. Among the many who worked here are: Walter Gropius, Paul Klee, Wassily Kandinsky, Lyonel Feininger, Oskar Schlemmer, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, Marcel Breuer and Mies van der Rohe. The architectural monument, restored in 1975/76, and the master houses ("Meisterhäuser") were added to UNESCO's World Cultural Heritage List in 1996. More about the Bauhaus in Dessau at www.bauhaus-dessau.de.

Excursion program

  • In Dessau, the ifu students have visited the Bauhaus building and the other restored buildings of the Bauhaus school.
  • Visit to the "excavatorcity" FerropoIis, the"City of Iron", with its huge open castworking machines Ieft over from the days of lignite mining is planned. Here, architects, stage designers, artists and former mineworkers have developed and implemented a concept for a museum and an arena for large-scale events.
  • The ifu students have seen visited the MiddIe Elbe Biosphere nature reserve, with Europe's Iargest unbroken expanses of riverside forest, classified by UNESCO as a protected area.
  • The ifu students have seen the car-free garden city of Piesteritz, a model of urban restoration and redevelopment
  • A visit to the Hundertwasser School; a Europe-orientated secondary school in Wittenberg, home of the religious reformer Martin Luther; and the School of Painting in Lucas Cranach's Wittenberg workshops.
  • The ifu students have seen the prefabricated-slab housing development in Wolfen-Nord.
  • The ifu students have also visited the former lignite-fuelled power station Vockerode on the Elbe, which was shut down for ecological reasons and is now an industrial monument.

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August 28th


August 29th

A changing industrial landscape - day long excursion to Wolfen-Nord. Visit to the Christopherus House and Nordpark, the chemical industry park Bitterfeld/Wolfen, Bayer Bitterfeld crd., Bitterfeld Vocational Training Centre, the "former-mining landscape" at Goitzsche with its depth-measuring tower and floating bridge, Pouch castle including exhibition and the Red Tower, Zschornewitz with a visit to the power station and the restored housing development, Ferropolis - the City of Iron, Wörlitz with a visit to the park, castle and a boat-trip.

August 30th

Half-day excursion to Wittenberg with visits to the car-free work housing development at Piesteritz, the Hundertwasser school, The Cranach Yards; workshop on "The Region of Sachsen-Anhalt after Reunification".

August 31st

Meeting with the women's initiatives from the region, party in the castle square

Sept. 01st

Breakfast and farewell


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