"waters pictures"
September 15 - October 31, 2000

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More about the workshop including several photos

The exhibition was to see at the university's building in Suderburg. There were shown results of a workshop within the ifu. In particular it was an installation of water samples and 200 pictures of microorganisms of waters in the Suderburg region.

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The participants of this workshop were:

  Namrata Pathak, Ph.D.(India)
  Sermsook Pakkattang(Thailand)
  Nandini Sankarampadi(India)
  Ery Iswary(Indonesia)
  Sutapa Ghosh(India)
  Arshinder Kaur Pasricha(India)
  Verena Brand(Germany)
  Kim Yu-Mee(South Korea)
  Zahra Hussien Mohammed(Ethiopia)
  Pham Thi Ngoc Lan(Vietnam)

The workshop was organized by:

  Claudia Jonischkies    (Germany)     

Mrs. Claudia Jonischkies is a dipl. designer, artist, teacher for arts and cultural education for secondary schools and was a lecturer at the universities of Oldenburg, Osnabrück and Köln.
Since 1999: culture department of the Studentenwerk Braunschweig - development of a cultural network with students from the universities of Lüneburg and Nordostniedersachsen

Contact:    Tel: +49 - 4137 - 7873      claudia.jonischkies@luenecom.de

Kulturbüro des Studentenwerks Braunschweig, Standort Lüneburg, Tel: +49 - 4131 - 78 96 321



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